"In order to alter behaviour we must first understand 

what is motivating it" (McGreevy, 1998).

There are many factors that affect our pets behaviour. Pain and medical problems are just two of these factors. To rule these out, all animals must be referred by a Vet. Clients can request a referral or it can be made on your behalf.

The aim of behaviour counselling is to find the cause of the behaviour, then work with the owner and animal to provide a tailor made treatment program. This process is supportive, so following the home visit Ellena keeps in touch with clients to ensure the treatment is effective.

For Fostering or adoption assessments, please call 07400 967307.

What to Expect

After your initial enquiry, you will be sent two forms:

- A veterinary referral form - please ask your vet to complete this or email your pets medical details to [email protected]

- A case history questionnaire - for you to fill in and send back before the consultation. These are quite detailed which ensures thorough examination of the behaviour.


These can also be downloaded from the Contact page above.


How long do consultations last?


Consultations can last between 1-3 hours and take place in your home or yard, as it is important to see your pet in their own environment and how they interact with others.


A video link or Skype can be used for some consultations. Please ask for details.


What happens at the consultation?


There will be further discussion of the problem behaviour. Ideally all family members need to be present; including children. In order for behaviour modification to be effective, all members need to understand the problem and be involved in the treatment.

All information is treated with the strictest confidence.


What happens then?


After the consultation, you will receive your treatment plan as a written report in an easy to read, step by step format. Your Vet will also receive a copy. Please do not start the treatment until you have received the report and follow the guidelines that will be left with you after the consultation.


What if I don't understand what to do?


Please get in touch. Ellena is contactable on 07400 967307 or email [email protected]. If you are struggling with the way the instructions are written they can easily be changed.


What if I don't see any results straight away?


The most common error with behaviour modification is expecting changes to happen too quickly. Changes do take time and consistency from all the family. Please keep in touch after the consultation, to promote chances of success.


Please note


It can be tempting to ask for quick advice over the phone or email. As there are many factors affecting behaviour, your pet must be seen to make an accurate diagnosis.